About Us

Sat means ‘Truth’ and Shrut literally means ‘Glorious’ or ‘The Celebrated’. Satshrut means the teachings of the ‘Tirthankars - Omniscient’ as documented in the true Shastras or Agamas. These Shastras are a reflection of Jainism in its purest and authentic form as propounded by the Kevali Bhagwaan and are an important guiding tool towards attaining self-realisation.

Enlightenment or self-realisation is a state of constant bliss arising from the experience of the self. The presence and teachings of a self-realised being is a logical sine qua non to the process. This site presents an opportunity for seekers of such state.

This site is the compilation of recordings and writings of an enlightened master (ज्ञानी) – Pujya Shashibhai Seth – lovingly referred to as Bhaishree. Pujya Bhaishree started seeking the truth at a very early age (perhaps the unfinished quest from yore). Having read and practiced various methods – he came across a jewel- the teachings of a Jnani, Pujya Shrimad Rajchandraji (Pujya Krupaludev). This became the catalyst for him to achieve enlightenment in a very short time.

Despite this high and venerable state – this humble and soft-spoken master remained reverent to other Jnanis such as Pujya Gurudevshree Kanji Swami, Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Soganiji. The path of the Jnanis i.e. of enlightenment has been simplified by Pujya Bhaishree in over 8000 lectures compiled here.

The very pondering over these teachings is a tool powerful enough to remove many misunderstandings – a step towards great personal well-being.

We have put together this site as a small gesture of appreciation towards our great masters. Our endeavour is to make available these great insights - that has pleased and benefited some of us - to genuine seekers of truth. All we request is an open-minded analysis of the wonderful preaching here and the dissemination of this truth to other genuine or potential seekers, if it benefits you.

The difference between the teachings of an enlightened master and one who is not in such state is a constant concern for any seeker. Pujya Bhaishree has, in course of his teachings, made available the necessary tools to empower such decision.

On that note, we wish you luck in your endeavours and hope that you achieve this great and salutary state through Pujya Bhaishree’s teachings.

We will be very happy to receive and implement any improvements here.